Summer is coming

Do you feel it………..the weather is getting warmer and everything is getting brighter.

In order to prepare for the sunshine and the heat I was commissioned to make a summer hat for one of my friends. I found a wonderful pattern by Jessie Rayot on Ravelry.

Absolutely love Ravelry too what a fantastic tool for any crocheter or I’m sure knitter.

Well this is the hat that I made.

  And I totally love it. 

I currently sell this hat on Etsy

Or come and visit me on facebook

I made the hat using a different yarn from the pattern, making sure that I achieved the same gauge as the pattern. The yarn I used was Rico Essentials Cotton (DK) which is slightly less expensive than the yarn quoted in the pattern especially this side of the pond and the range of colours is absolutely amazing. I ordered my Rico Essentials Cotton (DK) from woolwarehouse there customer service is amazing. 

The only stumbling block I found was accessing the brim lock. The pattern does link you to which is a wonderful site and very helpful staff however the shipping costs are very steep which is not the fault of the company but the U.S postal service.

I finally found a company called the trimming company based in this country http://www.thetrimmingcompany.comwho were able to supply the plastic memory hat wire and the joiners. Phew!

The pattern itself was an absolute treat to make and I can’t wait to make my own hat. I’m thinking red to match my beachwear. Best get ordering my cotton.

Catch up with you all soon xx


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